Engine and power equipment ;

  •  Service,
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Repairs

RV Generators,   Onan & Generac   only

  • Standby Generators,  Generac only
  •  Riding mowers, most brands, as time allows
  • Trimmers, & Saws limited to those purchased directly from N E Small Engine
  • Rebuilds,   limited availability

Services may be scheduled in advance for your convenience.

Estimates: Are approximate only, and may vary widely due to unforeseen problem.  A full tear down is necessary to give a more accurate estimate.Cost of tear down for estimate varies by size of job.

Authorization of Repairs: To start  a customer agrees to charges Up to; (NO-- String Trimmers)  $65 on walk mowers;  $ 185 on Rear engine riders; $130 on rear tine tillers;  $ 250 on all tractors & Zero turns; (NO-- Saws)   $85 on Generators and Pressure washers. These # 's are a guideline for initial repairs and service allowed before we need to call for further approval.

Deposits: A deposit will be required at time of our recieving equipment to service.          All Push Mowers, Trimmers, Saws, pressure washers NOT purchased HERE will be REQUIRED to Pay $25 (non-refundable) at time of drop off of equipment. Half may at times be used towards purchase of new equip. from N E Small Engine.

ALL Major Repairs / overhauls / etc. that may exceed $200 or 1/4 the value of the equipment maybe charged a down payment before work can proceed.

Unclaimed Equipment; Units not picked up and paid for within 30 days of completion will beconsidered abandoned, and disposed of, with NO reimbursement due the customer/owner. After 3 attempts to reach the customer.

STORAGE FEES; Units still here 10 days after  completion of repairswill be subject to a $2 / day storage fee. Unless prior written agreement.    ALL RUSHED jobs will be charged starting - 4 days ofter completion.

JOB INQUIRIES;   A $5 fee may be charged for inquiries made about job status/ completion, whether by phone or in person, if before 10 days or estimated completion time, whichever is longer.

JOB TIMES;   Tuneups - 7 to 14 days avg.  -  Repairs  - 7 days to 4 weeks -    Overhauls 3 - 6 weeks, all times depend upon work flow levels and parts availability.     

EXPRESS TUNEUPS-  24 hours,  Expect higher Fees/ MUST be picked up in 24 hours of completion.





FAX   814-766-9966